Monday, January 7, 2013

Unsolicited and Unpaid Advertising for One of My Favorite Summer Activities

Starting today you can register to attend the 26th BYU Symposium on Books for Young Readers in Provo, Utah.  Always outstanding, the symposium brings librarians, teachers, and other people who love children's literature together with authors and illustrators.  This summer they have an amazing lineup of presenters, including Karen Cushman, Philip and Eric Stead, Steve Jenkins, Tony DiTerlizzi, Sara Pennypacker, and Jennifer Nielsen.  If you are going to be in or around Utah in July, you should plan on attending.  You can find more information at BYU's website.


  1. That's a pretty great lineup! So sad I won't be out in that direction then :(

  2. Did you register yet? The DH has given his emphatic "Go" and I'm excited to join you this year!

    1. Yep! I registered this morning. I'm excited you are coming this year.

  3. Darn . . . I wish I could go . . .