Monday, December 23, 2013

Even More Lists

We are a week away from the year's end, and now is a good time to see which books you missed in 2013 that you'll regret not reading.  I posted links to some of my favorite year-end lists in November (here and here) but there a few more that are worth noticing.
  • New York Public Library put together a list of 100 recommended titles called  Children's Books 2013: 100 Titles for Reading and Sharing.
  • Horn Book's Fanfare list is considerably shorter with only 30 titles.  You can find it in their January/February issue or on the blog, Read Roger.
  • If you are looking for picture books, there are some terrific ones that aren't eligible for the Caldecott Award because their illustrators don't meet the residency requirements. Robin Smith of Calling Caldecott posted a great list--Ineligible Internationals.  Don't skip the comments.

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