Tuesday, December 17, 2013

tara recommends Bunnies On Ice by Johanna Wright

White bunnies in fluffy snow + a touch of ice skating = delightful winter magic.

Bunnies On Ice is a charming story about a little bunny who is eager to share her secrets of how to be a "champion" ice-skater.  One of these tips include waiting for "the conditions to be just right."  That means waiting through spring and waiting through summer and waiting through fall - until finally, it snows!  After a big breakfast and a proper wardrobe change, it is time to hit the ice.

This little bunny shows off her incredible skills, such as doing "a figure eight with [her] eyes closed" . . . but, as with any supremely confident child, her perception of greatness is slightly exaggerated and the pictures tell a much different story (her figure eights are a mesh of messy squiggly lines and her perfect landing ends in a fall).  But, after a hard day on the ice, she has her "excellent support team" and "plenty of hot chocolate," which makes the perfect ending to this cozy winter story.

The best part of this book, (aside from the spunky main character and perfect family togetherness), is the art.  The pictures make you want to touch the pages because of the heavy texture of the canvas and the visible brushstrokes.  You are almost fooled into thinking you can feel the raised canvas and paint under your fingertips - and even though you can't (believe me, I've tried), the pictures are still warm and magical.

If you missed this book earlier this year, I highly recommend you pick it up and enjoy the sweet story and delightful pictures.  (If you want to do it while sipping a cup of hot chocolate, that wouldn't hurt either.)

Bunnies On Ice
by Johanna Wright
published by Roaring Book Press
January 2013
Recommended for ages 2 and up

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