Monday, November 19, 2012

Best of 2012 -- Kirkus Reviews

We are seeing more "best of" lists as the year comes to an end, and I love it!  It gives me a chance to cheer for my favorites and check out books I missed throughout the year. Kirkus published their Best Children's Books of 2012.  Check it out--cheer, wonder, and read.


  1. Interesting list they put out! There are some unusual omissions and inclusions (I gave up on The Revolution of Evelyn Serrano fairly early in the novel, so it's a surprise to see it there, especially since it's a celebrity book), but it's a great snapshot of this year's books.

  2. Yes, interesting. I was surprised not see BOMB on the list, but at least they included more nonfiction than Publisher's Weekly. I really want to see a copy of MAN FROM THE LAND OF FANDANGO.