Saturday, November 3, 2012

Picture Books -- Day 3

I didn't get around to reading Can We Save the Tiger? last year when it was published, so I picked it up today.  I thought it was going to be about . . . well, saving tigers, so I was surprised that tigers were not even mentioned until page 10.  While author Martin Jenkins does discuss tigers, the book is actually a broader look at animal conservation.  With an engaging text, Jenkins addresses extinct animals (dodos, Stellar's sea cows), endangered species (tigers, partula snails), and those that have recovered from the brink of extinction (American bison).  He concludes with the efforts being made to protect endangered species.

I had seen interiors shots of the book in reviews last year, but  I didn't appreciate the artistry of the illustrations by Vicky White until I saw them full-size in the book.  The predominately black-and-white pencil pictures capture the majesty of the animals, and where White uses oils to add color, the pictures glow.

This is a great book, so if you missed it last year, read it today.

Can We Save the Tiger?
by Martin Jenkins
illustrated by Vicky White
published by Candlewick Press
February 2011

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