Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Picture Books -- Day 11

Today I read This Moose Belongs to Me--a funny and thoughtful book by Oliver Jeffers.  (But then isn't that what we expect of Oliver Jeffers?)  When a moose comes to him, Wilfred knows that the moose belongs to him.  So, Wilfred names him and follows him around reading him "the rules of how to be a good pet" which the moose follows (like "not making too much noise while Wilfred plays his record collection") except when he doesn't.  But does Wilfred really own the moose?  When the moose doesn't respond to his name, Wilfred becomes angry, but after an accident with some string, the moose "perform[s] rule 73 brilliantly," all is forgiven, and the two reach a happy compromise.

The cartoon illustrations juxtaposed against painted backdrops create unusual and delightful scenes.  And I love the texture on the moose. According to the copyright page, "The art for this book was made from a mishmash of oil painting onto old linotype and painted landscapes, and a bit of technical wizardry thrown in the mix here and there."

Visit Oliver Jeffer's website to see more pictures of Wilfred and said moose.

This Moose Belongs to Me
by Oliver Jeffers
published by Philomel Books
November 2012

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