Sunday, November 25, 2012

Time for Picture Books

Well . . . I left town for a few days, and when I returned, I ran straight into the Thanksgiving holiday which pleasantly gobbled up my time, so I didn't write about as many picture books as I had originally planned this month.  Today I'll share a few pictures of the clocks we made this year.  I made them for my kids, but they turned out so well that I kept one for my workroom.

Sand a pre-cut clock face purchased from your local craft store, then cut a page from a picture book  and use a spray adhesive to attach it to the clock face.  [Tip: Make sure the spray adhesive goes to the edges of the picture and press the edges firmly to ensure there are no gaps.]  Spread a drop cloth or plastic sheet over your work surface and place the clock face up on wooden blocks or some other support so the clock does not touch the drop cloth.  [Tip: Be careful not to block the hole in the center of the clock face.  A used masking tape ring will work well as a support.] Pour high-gloss EnviroTex Lite over the clock face after stirring the resin and hardener according to the directions.  Breathing slowly over the surface immediately after you pour the EnviroTex Lite will help remove bubbles from the surface.  Place a large plastic container over your clock to let it dry without getting dust on the surface.  After the clock is dry, sand the drips from the back of the clock, insert a clockwork and hands from your local craft store.  Voila!

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