Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Fabulous 590s and Scientists in the Field

We kicked off our Fabulous 590s program with the fabulous Scientists in the Field series.  This series provides a diverse glimpse into the animal world--tapirs and tarantulas, kakapo and cheetahs, snakes and seahorses--by following scientists at work.  Engaging texts and stunning photography take readers right into the scientists' explorations as they ask questions, search for answers, overcome obstacles, and make discoveries.

Booktalks for twelve of the thirteen Scientists in the Field titles in the 590s section of our library were received with plenty of oohs and aahs, particularly when we showed photographs of the kakapo and the tree kangaroo.  After two days, all of our 590s Scientists in the Field books (including Kakapo Rescue which we moved from 639) were checked out.

My favorite moment was when two girls grabbed Project Seahorse at the same time and sank down to the floor, side-by-side, and began reading it.  They were so engrossed in the book that when one of them finally glanced up, she was startled to find the library empty and her class halfway down the hallway.  'Cause these books are just that good.

Here are a couple of student recommendations:

You can get more information on Scientists in the Field books here.  For updates on the research explored in the books, subscribe to Adventure Notes.  And oh, I can hardly wait for Octopus Scientist by Sy Mongomery--coming next year!

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