Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Fabulous 590s and Steve Jenkins

Did you know that the most deadly animal to humans is the mosquito?  Did you know that one of every four animals on earth is a beetle?  Did you know that when black widow spiders hatch, they begin to eat their brothers and sisters?  You can find these amazing facts and many others in Steve Jenkins's books.  We have a dozen titles by Steve Jenkins in our 590s, and we talked about them all.  No book was more popular than Never Smile at a Monkey which now has double-digit holds.  I shared it with a third-grade class, and before I made it through the first page, a boy had a question: "This isn't nonfiction--these are just supposed to be funny, right?"  After assuring him that it was all true, I continued, but still got a few incredulous looks.

Jenkins is a master of paper collage, and to my mind, one of his most striking pictures is the Siberian tiger in Actual Size (a title we pulled from our picture book section for this event).  We looked at the fur, the eyes, and the amazing detail as we talked about how Jenkins makes his pictures.  Nothing sums up the overall feeling as well as the comment made by a boy who was flipping through the pages of his book as he waited in line to check out:  "I can't believe he made these with paper!"

Here are a couple of student recommendations:

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