Tuesday, November 11, 2014

tara recommends Shh! We Have A Plan by Chris Haughton

A couple of years ago, I came across a book that felt different and quirky - in a good way.  At first glance, you are not sure if you should love it or not, but it won me over with its enthusiasm and personality.  This book was Oh No, George! by Chris Haughton.

Now, Haughton has a new story that showcases his unique style.  Shh! We Have A Plan features four friends out for a walk in the dark woods.  They are carrying nets and they "have a plan."  Predictably, the littlest adventurer has a plan of his own - one the other three won't listen to.  Their persistence in trying to reach their goal is amusing and the build-up to the twist at the end is rewarding.

Blue and black tones dominate the pages with just a punch of red to draw your eye.  Blocky characters manage to have personality without extensive detail and the eyes especially are able to convey anticipation, frustration and surprise.  There are just over 100 words in the entire story, so the magic really is in the humorous pictures and well-paced adventure.

The premise is simple enough that my four-year-old can recite it perfectly with minimal prompting and the repetitive cadence invites participation from even the oldest audience.  This is definitely a bedtime story that will be well read and loved because of its brevity, unique pictures and delightful story.

Shh! We Have A Plan
by Chris Haughton
published by Candlewick Press
September 2014

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